Congratulations on Gemtree becoming comprehensive fire-rated board supplier for Modular Integrated Construction (MIC) .   
The  Diversity, environmentally friendly, non-combustibility,sound/ heat  insulation and timber-like properties make Gemtreeboard ideal for  fireproof or fire retardant door frames, door panels, door studs,  substrates, decorative boards of fire doors. It does not warp, or  distort while continuous exposure to open fire for testing , prior to  physical disintegration.
The Reasons Why More Than 40 Hong Kong Based Fire Door Manufacturers
Gemtreeboard with thickness from 3mm to 50mm,may be applied in every part of a fire door.
Gemtreeboard, Solutions of Fire Rating Integrity and Insulation for Fire Doors
temperature not to exceed 180ºC or average temperature not to exceed 140ºC at the unexposed surface during the
rating and the thickness of the door can be calculated.The high strength of Gemtreeboard guarantee the maximum
Gemtree 20mm-38mm multi function board size 1220 x 2440mm and 915 x 2440mm, cutted to door size, finished
The high strength performance of Gemtreeboard gives fire doors durability and stability up to 1100 ºC,achieving a
Warping is a key factor leading a failure in fire door tests.Gemtreeboard restricts warping and adds to the stability
Hop Wo Furniture & Decoration Works Co.,Ltd has passed BS EN test of 4 hours and 37 minutes at temperature
with veneers or steel and edged with timber may complete a fire rated door. The door can withstand more than 2
due to the fact that poor quality MgO board was used in their manufacture.The result is that those doors fail very
Different materials have their own thermal conductivity,but improper construction may also lead to exceed 180ºC
at  unexposed surface.The thermal conductivity of Gemtreeboard is 0.179 W/m2·k,and the ratio between the fire
Insulation requires the maximum temperature not to exceed 180ºC or average temperature not to exceed 140ºC
Lightweight  fire doors may use Gemtree studs, substitute to timber or steel ones,  reducing the shortcomings of
The speed of manufacturing fire door.There are 2 ways to manufacture fire door using Gemtreeboard. Fire door
In the Chinese market there are lots of badly manufactured so called fire doors selling at unbelievable low price
Gemtree thin board and light-weighted core board is light weight but takes longer manufacturing time due to its
Gemtreeboard and its accessories, plus good hardware, intumescent sealer,hard timber and proper decoration
For  lightweight fire door manufacturing, perlite or rock wool may be the   infill core.In this case  Gemtreeboard
made from Gemtree thick board is easy, fast and well constructed,but the door is heavy.Fire door made from
Concerning EN Norms there is also a requirement of smoke emission which Gemtreeboard helps to limit.
Fire door is required to have an intergrity and insulation performance of 30,60,120 or 240 minites.
timber‘s inflammability and steel’s  distort, but with good fire resistant and heat insulation properties.
Gemtreeboard and its accessories are good solutions of fire rating,integrity and insulation.
The stability of fire doors is dependent on a good design and proper construction.
A test of 4 hour fire rating done in Hong Kong in accordance with BS EN standards.
Gemtreeboard was still complete and did not collapse after demolition of furnaces.
Gemtreeboard was still complete and did not collapse after demolition of furnaces.
Fire door system requires good quality materials and advanced technology.
Use Gemtreeboard For Their BS EN tests
can extend  refractory time.Fire doors can easily achieve 2 hours fire  rating.
while continuous exposure to open fire for testing and easy to  install at site.
non-combustible substrate to protect the door core and its studs, achieving
easily and become carbonized within 15 minutes under high temperature.
non-combustible or fire retardant door frames. It does not warp, or  distort
Gemtree  15mm-50mm thick multi function boards may be produced into
The  decorative non-combustible Gemtreeboard (3mm,5mm,6mm,9mm)
Combine fire resistance property and decoration together and make  the
Advantages: cost efficiency, eco-friendly and excellent impact strength.
Non-combustible decorative boards of fire doors
4 Hours Fire Rating,Integrity & Insulation
4 Hours Fire Rating,Integrity & Insulation
Fire Door and its materials
2-hour fire rated or even a 4-hour fire rated door.
Non-combustible fire door frames
Insulation is a more difficult norm to pass.
Non-combustible door panels
at  the unexposed surface during the test.
excellent fire rating and impact strength.
The spots were the oil from door drum.
Non-combustible substrate
Gemtree non-combustible substrate.
      can achieve a excellent fire door.
3mm,5mm,6mm,9mm,12mm will be
fire door both thin and lightweight.
Wooden Fire-rated Door
hours (up to a maximum of 4 hrs)
The steel finished fire door using
Non-combustible stud
Steel Fire-rated Door
complicated construction.
to the door system.
of 1000ºC.