Congratulations on Gemtree becoming comprehensive fire-rated board supplier for Modular Integrated Construction (MIC) .   

Market Positioning

Magnesium oxide board has a history of more than 30 years since the 1980s.Taiwan manufacturers have elevated magnesium oxide board production from manualmade to the machinery,from immersing in water to get rid of chloride ion to using modifiers.


Then followed lots of China mainland manufacturers because of the low investments of production, but most of them were doing bad board,which has ruined the reputation of magnesium oxide board and since 2005,Taiwan manufacturers exited the magnesium oxide board productions one after another. While the Chinese capacity of magnesium oxide board at that time exceeded it of gypsum board,but a large quantity of them are of inferior quality,selling at low prices and falling in every aspect of its performance.Magnesium oxide board has ever been banned in Shanxi Province in 2004.The reputation of magnesium oxide board in Taiwan and South Korea has become worse.The straight forward reason for that is the obvious fact that by cutting corners in the manufacturing process,producers of low quality board are looking to save money and vicious competitions by sacrificing quality.


Gemtree focuses on robust quality product by its good raw materials and strict scientific process management,achieving a high-performance multi-functional board,which indeed behaves as timber,a perfect non-combustible,water-resistant,anti-termite furniture board and construction floor.It is also a substitute to plastic,tiles,metal or honeycomb board by its non-deforming,robustness,anti-static performances.