Congratulations on Gemtree becoming comprehensive fire-rated board supplier for Modular Integrated Construction (MIC) .   
*Our product's properties are best preserved if, prior to use, it has been properly stored as per our storage guidelines.
It is odourless.It contains no asbestos, crystalline silica, or toxic glues, such as urea/phenol formaldehyde.
It has a very low vapour resistance making it ideal for use in"breathable"construction and helps to provide
It can be sawn,cut,drilled,stapled,stapled,taped,glued.Thin  high strength board can be bent to fit any
It is suitiable for wet areas and it will not delaminate or deteriorate after being exposed to moisture.
It can be used as ceramic tile backers.Ideal for drywalls and partitions in dry and wet areas.
It can easily combined with honeycomb board,laminated with veneer,HPL and vinyl sheet.
It is dimensionally stable. It does not deform.Expansion/contraction is minimal(negligible).
It is of high strength,and holds nails and screws firmly.No pre-drilling is necessary.
It can withstand both high and low temperatures and difficult weather conditions.
It withstands termite attacks and inhibits fungal growth.
It achieves good heat insulation for personal safety.
It is lightweight but tough,sturdy and durable.
It is classified as Non-combustible material.
It provides excellent sound insulation.
a healthier indoor living environment.
Termite proof and fungi resistant
Screw and nail-holding strength
Fabricating and laminating
            architectural design. 
It withstands heavy impact.
Odourless and non toxic
Lightweight and durable
Weather resistant
Tiling and walling
Sound insulating
Impact resistant
Water resistant
Heat insulating
Non deforming
Easy to use