100% natural and environmentally friendly.

Gemtreeboard is a versatile, high performance, sustainable and eco-friendly building product. It is GREEN in its raw form,natural mineral magnesium oxide powder reacts with magnesium chloride,reinforced by fibreglass mesh and filled with recycled soft timber particles. The production process is carried out at room temperature,making this a low carbon process .No heat or pressure is used in its manufacture.

Gemtreeboard is Euroclass A1 non combustible rating board, achieving a fire-rating of 1-4 hours integrity and insulation drywall systems and 1-2 hours integrity and insulation ceiling systems, providing an unprecedented degree of safety and security. These types of systems are the thinnest in the market but with twice to triple the impact resistance of those built with calcium silicate boards.

Gemtreeboard is homogeneous with no delamination.It is virtually impervious to fire, water,insects,termite,mould and mildew;is non- flammable,non-toxic,completely free from asbestos and carcinogenic materials such as crystalline silica or quartz,usually contained in fibre cement boards and calcium silicate boards.It is so dimensionally stable that expansion and contraction is negligible.It will not delaminate or deteriorate after prolonged exposure to moisture.Or even immersed in water or exposed to freeze/thaw cycles for prolonged periods of time.Compared to traditional wood,gypsum and cement based products,it is ideal for high tech engineering applications,general purpose construction, especially for high humid area like bathrooms or shower enclosure,and off-site manufacture of wall,ceiling and floor panels.

A single 9mm Gemtreeboard can achieve acoustic 29dB while Gemtree wall system can achieve 42dB and above.

Gemtreeboard is a non-nutrient to mold or fungus per JIS Z2911and does not support insect life.It provides superior moisture resistance in high-humidity areas and combats the growth of mold and mildew. It has a low thermal conductivity 0.179 W/m·K and a very low vapour resistance,making it ideal for use in “breathable” construction and helps to provide a healthier indoor living environment.

Gemtreeboard is lightweight and high strength,extremely quick and easy to install, reducing labour cost and building time.The lightweight and thinness increase floor space while reducing construction costs through minimized structural loading requirements-a double gains.

It is strong,durable,nail-holding and no pre-drilling is necessary.It is versatile and easy to use like timber.It can be cut,sawn,drilled,nailed,screwed,stapled with hand or powder tools.Gemtreeboard has a smooth surface on one side,ready for wallpaper, painting and fabricating with veneer, stone, laminating or vinyl covering.Gemtreeboard rough sanded texture on the reverse is suitable for applying a variety of bonded applications such as ceramic tile.Thin sheets can be bent to suit architectural design. 

The durability and stability of Gemtreeboard benefit from its high strength magnesium oxide cement, fibreglass mesh, ISO9001 proactive management system and a professionally qualified technical team. PCCS-PFPP is in process of application.

About Gemtreeboard